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At Olympus Medical Centre Olympic Park we take your personal wellbeing seriously and will always try to provide you with the best patient information available.

Workers Compensation

Patients seeing the Doctor for a work related injury will need to fill out appropriate forms and an account will be sent to the Employer.  Generally, if the claim is accepted, the accounts will be sent directly to the Insurance Company as soon as you have a claim number.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are available and can be requested at the time of consultation with your doctor.

If you require a special consideration certificate, please bring the necessary paperwork to your consultation.


It is the policy of this practice that results are not given over the phone unless directed by the doctor, an appointment must be made with the doctor to discuss results.

We understand that you are busy: however it is important for you to know and understand the results of all your tests and if further follow up is required from these tests. This policy has not been put in place to inconvenience patients but to protect both the patient and the doctor. The doctor has a legal obligation when treating a patient to ensure that they have discussed results with the patient as well as addressing any concerns the patient may have regarding these results. Both the doctor and the patient should feel confident that they fully understand and are aware of any required treatments as well as any future follow up that may be required.

If the doctor has asked the nurse to contact you regarding results please note that due to medico legal reasons nurses at this practice are unable to give patients any further information other than what the doctor has directed them to give you. If you require any further information than you will need to make an appointment to discuss this further with the doctor. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.


You are required to make an appointment to see the doctor for referrals, this includes all review or ongoing referrals, and radiology or pathology referrals.

It is illegal to back-date referrals, this will not be done by any of the doctors at this practice. It is therefore necessary for you to obtain your referral prior to your specialist appointment.

Renew of Prescriptions

Legal constraints make over the phone scripts inappropriate, ALL renewal of scripts will require an appointment with your doctor.

Our Doctors do not prescribe drugs of addiction. No prescriptions for drugs of addiction will be issued.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We comply with Australian Government Legislation, ensuring that the privacy of our patients is maintained. A copy of our privacy policy is available at reception.

Further information is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992

Reminders and Practice Information

Our practice is committed to preventative care and we may issue you with reminder notices or practice information from time to time.

Please advise the staff if you do not wish to participate in this program.

Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Violence

Our practice aims to provide the highest quality of care to all our patients without prejudice. However, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated towards any of our doctors or staff members. Persons doing so may be asked to seek alternative arrangements for any medical services which may be required by them.

Patient Feedback

We always require feeback to help improve our services.
To provide feedback post to:
Locked Mail Bag 18
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Ph. 02 9219 7444

Patient Information
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